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Hybridership -
Leading Virtual & Hybrid Teams

┬źHybridership┬╗ Leadership course

In this intensive course you will learn how to successfully lead your hybrid or virtual team. In five online live sessions combined with guided self-learning you will train what matters!

We have all learned "home office

We have adapted to the Corona situation and have all learned to work in a home office. Currently, the idea of a classic team is once again being turned on its head: Hybrid teams are emerging. Some work remotely, others are on-site at the company, and still others work in co-working spaces.

Next Level - Leading Hybrid Teams

The requirements to successfully lead these hybrid teams are one step higher. This is where the intensive course "Hybridership - Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams" comes in and shows what the successful path to this new form of collaboration looks like. Top experts share their know-how in five online live sessions.

Course focus

"How do I lead a hybrid or virtual team?". "How do I use technology and collaboration tools correctly?". "How do I make the new living and working situation as stress-free as possible?". These are the topics on which the Hybridership course focuses.
Challenge 1

Challenge 1

"We have become a hybrid team. I almost only lead remotely. Only rarely is everyone in the same room. As a result, the team spirit suffers. How do we keep the team happy?"
Challenge 2

Challenge 2

"We work with Zoom, Teams or Skype. In addition, we are experimenting with Miro and Trello. How do we use technology and tools in a way that they support us and not just annoy us?"
Challenge 3

Challenge 3

"Sometimes I wonder why, despite not having to commute so far, I have so little time to myself. Separating myself in the home office doesn't really work well for me most of the time."

Course feedback

Every day for one week from 16:45 - 18:15. The times of the Hybrid Leadership course are chosen in such a way that I can integrate the course into my daily work routine without any problems.Lena. P., Team Leader

Your Coaches 

You will receive field-tested expert knowledge from specialized coaches who will share their experience in the areas of "Remote Leadership", "Virtual and Hybrid Teams", "Technology, Tools & Hacks" and "Working Stress-Free in the Home Office". Together, they will give you a comprehensive perspective on the topic.

We are looking forward to an exciting course with you!
Sibylle, Lorenz, Dave, Alex, Christine

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Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Do you have questions about Hybridership?
Do you have questions about the content or would you like to know how Hybridership can be implemented in your company? I would be happy to inform you about all possibilities and conditions. I look forward to a personal exchange with you!

Sibylle, Course Leader

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